Tuesday 11th September 2012
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If you have owned a Smart Car Passion then we are interested to hear of your experience. We would also like to know about any replacement parts you had to buy. Leave your comments in the comments box below.

Smart Car Passion Overview

The Smart Car Passion is a luxury version of the Smart Fortwo city car. These cars are produced by the German automobile manufacturer Smart GmbH which is part of the larger Daimler AG group. These cars are really small two-seater micro car that are only really any use for city driving, as they are not built for the open roads. The Passion version is boosted to 83bhp which gives better performance and has more features such as sun roof and sat-nav. These are a bit greedier on fuel than the standard version and the price is pretty high for this type of vehicle. These cars are not great to drive, can be noisy but are very cheap to run and good for driving around the city.

Smart Car Passion History

The Passion version of the Smart Car Fortwo became available in the first generation (1998-2007) model which had a makeover in 2002, not altering the car to much. The Fortwo name refers to the fact that the car is for two people only. The Passion version is the top of the range luxury version which has great features and accessories available. The diesel engine is the smallest diesel engine on the market and has the lowest emissions on the worldwide market. The second generation (2007 - present) is the current version in production and is slightly larger than its predecessor, although remaining small and compact. The smaller petrol engines were done away with for this model and more safety features were added to improve the overall safety of the car.


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Fuel Economy

The Smart car passion is available in 0.6, 0.7 and 1.0 petrol and 0.8L diesel engines. The most economical of these is the 0.8 diesel which offers up to 85mpg and the petrol versions offers up to 65mpg. These cars are very economical and are what you would expect for a car of this type. Remember and consider the fuel type, engine size and age of the vehicle when determining fuel economy.


The first version of the Smart car fortwo Passion had a 6-speed automated manual gearbox and the second version has a 5-speed automated manual gearbox. Have a look at the Smart Car Gearbox section to locate your Passion gearbox parts.


If you are looking for Smart Car Passion parts then Breakeryard can help you find them. We have a vast network of UK Breakers who have many different car parts available. Enter your car details in our part finder to locate your exact parts or you can visit the Passion parts page today.