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Ford Galaxy Overview

The Ford Galaxy is a large MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) otherwise known as a ‘people carrier’. It is a seven seater luxurious family vehicle and is extremely spacious inside with a rather comfortable ride. This is one the top of the range in people carriers and is extremely popular in the UK. It has a great interior, a great ride but is slightly more expensive than most of its competitors.

Ford Galaxy History

The Mark 1 Ford Galaxy (1995-2000) that came into production was actually a joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen. The vehicle has mostly VW mechanical parts, like the 1.9TD and 2.8i VR6 engines and all automatic transmissions. The 2.0 engine was designed by Ford and the manual transmission. The interior was a mix of both manufacturers. The Mark 2 (2000-06) took on a more Ford look and began to leave the VW influence behind. The body shape altered slightly to a more distinctive Ford design with the interior being transformed to an all Ford design. New engines were introduced to further the transition. The Mark 3 (2006 - present) is the model currently on the market and is slightly larger than its predecessors. This model is all Ford with no VW parts whatsoever. In the UK many other trim models are available and the fold down seats are a popular selling point.


Galaxy Zetec Galaxy Titanium Galaxy Titanium X

Fuel Economy

There are a few different engine sizes available: 1.8TDCi, 1.9TD, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.8 and these cover all the different generations of the Galaxy. They come in diesel up to 2.0 and petrol in the rest. The big petrol engines have a poor economic rating, where as the diesel engines offer better value for money on fuel savings.


There are both manual and automatic gearboxes available. The Galaxy offers both a 6 speed manual gearbox and both a four and five speed automatic gearbox. Breakeryard has several different Ford gearboxes available through our website, check it out today!


There are many different Ford Galaxy parts available through our vast network of UK Breakers. Have a look on our website today by entering your vehicle details in our part finder search or visiting the Galaxy section by clicking the above link. Have you experienced problems with parts on the Ford Galaxy? If so, why not check our Ford Galaxy problems page here.