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Chrysler Viper Overview

The Chrysler Viper is otherwise known as the Dodge Viper. The Chrysler usually refers to the racing version of the car. Here we are going to focus on the Dodge Viper which is produced by the American motor company Chrysler. The Dodge division of this company designs this car. This is in the sports car class and is powered by a V10 engine. This car is extremely powerful with a stylish design and look.

Chrysler Viper History

The first generation RT/10 (1992-95) was first of all designed as a prototype in 1989 and took until 1992 until is came into production and was available for sale on the market. Lamborghini was owned by Chrysler at this time and they helped to design the engine forthe Chrysler Viper which was originally taken from a dodge truck and altered to suit the new sports car. The second generation GTS (1996-2002) was concerned with improving the engine that was in the first model and it also brought in some changes to the interior, including: airbags. This version was seen as difficult to drive with poor braking compared to its competitors. The third generation SRT-10 (2003-06) had a total makeover with a new 8.3 engine added, giving it more power and the car was built upon a different chassis. It was firstly introduced as a convertible but the coupe version was later brought in with the older chassis design still in place, resulting in a slower acceleration. The fourth generation (2008-10) received some upgrades to the engine from its predecessor and it also used new tyres and suspension which improved its drivability. There is going to be a fifth generation SRT Viper released in 2013 with a total re-design, not based on any previous version. It is claimed that it will be a lot better to drive than previous versions.


Viper RT/10 Viper GTS Viper SRT-10 Viper GT2 Viper ACR Viper ACR-X Viper Concept Coupe

Fuel Economy

The earlier models were 8.0 V10 engines where the latest model came in both 8.3 and 8.4 V10 engines. As you can imagine with any sports car the fuel economy isn’t going to be very good, as is the case with this car. These engines are designed for pure power and will be extremely costly on fuel.


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