Friday 10th August 2012
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Fiat Brava Overview

The Fiat Brava is a small family car produced by the Italian motor car company Fiat. This car was in production from 1995-2001. The Brava and Bravo are almost the same car, but the Bravo is a 3-door hatchback where as the Brava is a longer 5-door hatchback. They both came into production the same year and were discontinued in the same year. They were marketed together. The Fiat Brava is the more practical car for the family, with the Bravo being the sportier of the two. This is a reliable car with good handling, but does not have very good safety features.

Fiat Brava History

Both the Bravo and Brava were first produced to replace the Fiat Tipo. There were a good variety of different engines available for both models, and they won European car of the year in their first year. Although these cars were only in production for 6 years, ceasing production in 2001, they were a popular car across Europe to begin with, but was soon unable to compete with the likes of the Ford Focus and Peugeot 306 so it was decided to pull the plug in these models. They were then replaced with the very unsuccessful Fiat Stilo. The chassis for this car was used in the production of the estate version of the Fiat Marea and later for the Fiat Multipla. There was a mild makeover of the models in 1999, with a couple of changes to the engines and some light interior changes to the dashboard design.


S S Team Forza SX HSX Formula Trofeo ELX

Fuel Economy

There were 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines available and a 1.9 diesel version. This car was known for its economy, especially the 1.9 diesel version. Three main factors must be taken into consideration when thinking about fuel economy: fuel type, age and engine size. These will determine exactly how economical the vehicle will be.


There were both manual and automatic gearboxes available for the Brava and Bravo.


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