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Fiat Cinquecento Overview

The Fiat Cinquecento is in the city car class designed by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. This vehicle was only ever produced in a 3-door hatchback version with a few different small engine choices. As the city car class cars are mainly designed to drive around town, then this model is no different. It is not great for long journeys on the open road due to the small engine sizes but it is fun to drive, cheap to run and maintain and good to drive around town.

Fiat Cinquecento History

This model was brought in to production to replace the Fiat 126 in 1991. Production of this car ceased in 1998 and was replaced with the Fiat Seicento. This was seen as a real advancement compared with older Fiat cars in this class. There were front brake discs, side impact bars, galvanized body panels as well as other features. This was front wheel drive car which had both longitudinal and transversely mounted engines available at the same time. Originally there were only 800 and 900cc engines available, but in 1994 they introduce the Fire which was their 1.1L sporting version. They also introduced an electric version called the Elettra which was popular in some parts of continental Europe.


S SX Soleil Sporting Elettra

Fuel Economy

As the engine sizes were so small: 0.8, 0.9 and 1.1 they were good cars economically, as would be expected with a car of this class. These cars were designed with economy in mind as they are more for driving around the city than open roads, so a lot of gear changes and stopping and starting would occur.


This car was available in manual transmission.


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