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Ford Escort Overview

The Ford Escort has been a huge success story in the UK over the past few decades. There are different versions of the Escort depending on whether it is in Europe or North America. The series we will be focusing on is the European series. The Escort is classed as a small family car which has gone through many transformations in its design since it first came onto the scene.

Ford Escort History

The Ford Motor Company first manufactured the Escort in Europe in 1968 and was in production right up until 2000 where it was then replaced with the Focus. The Escort was first designed as a lower spec. version of the Ford Squire. The Mark 1 Escort was first introduced to the UK market at the end of 1967 and replaced the Ford Anglia. It soon became a very popular car in the UK and is still to be beaten on the number produced. At one point they were thought to be the most popular vehicle on the road. This model also became a very successful rally car. It finished production in 1974. It was a rear wheel drive vehicle. The Mark 2 came into being in 1975 and ended production in 1980. It continued with the same specifications as the Mark 1 but was eventually to have a cosmetic upgrade for some of the models. It continued to be very successful in both commercial and rallying, winning the RAC rally for several years in a row. The Mark 3 (1980-86) was a total change in the look and feel of the Escort. It totally had a makeover in design and was changed from rear to front wheel drive. The Mark 3 had available a 5-speed gearbox which was previously unavailable in the earlier models. The XR3(i) models were introduced and became very popular with boy racers in the early 80’s. There was also a convertible version available. The Mark 4 (1986-90) was seen as an update to the previous version with not to many changes. A smoother looking body and some accessory, interior and exterior changes being made. The Mark 5 (1990-95) model had a new body shell makeover but was highly criticised for its styling, handling and rusting on certain parts. Despite these infirmities this model was highly popular in the UK. The RS Cosworth came into being in this model. In 1992 the Mark 5 was given a facelift to comply with the criticism its earlier version received. The final version of this car, the Mark 6 (1995-2000) had a makeover both internally and externally. The interior had a much needed makeover; there were improvements underneath the car and to the body. The Escort car was replaced by the Focus and the van later replaced by the Connect.


Hatchback in many Marks and models Convertible from Mark 3 Estate in many Marks and models Saloon in many marks and models Vans in many marks and models

Fuel Economy

Right from the beginning of the Ford Escort up until the final production produced varying engine sizes from 1.1 to 2.0, petrol and diesel so the fuel economy varies greatly between the different models. Depending on the engine size and petrol type will determine the exact economy of the vehicle.


The different gearboxes available again were determined by which mark the car was. There were manual and automatic gearboxes, in both four and five speed for the manual and usually three for the automatic. There are many Escort gearboxes available through Breakeryard, so have a look at the gearbox section of our website for Escort gearboxes.


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