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Ford Explorer Overview

The Ford Explorer is an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) designed for the North American market. Due to the large sized engines and vehicle they are obviously more suited to the American roads. Due to its design it can be used as an on and off road vehicle.

Ford Explorer History

The first generation Ford Explorer (1991-94) was released in 1990 and its design was derived from the Ford Ranger. It was available in both rear and 4x4 wheel drive and had both two and four door options. There were a few reliability issues with the automatic transmission version. The second generation (1995-2001) was an updated version, including the interior, exterior and suspension. There was also a 5.0L version released along with an updated 4.0L version. The first North American 5 speed automatic transmission was released in this model. The third generation (2002-05) had a total makeover, taking it away from the similarities of the Ranger and now more like the Ford Expedition. It had a much rounder body shape. This model had a 7 seater version and the manual transmission came to an end in this period. The fourth generation (2006-10) was built upon a new frame, increasing in size and strength. The interior, suspension and other parts were updated. A lot of accessory parts were added in this period. The latest version, the fifth generation (2011 - present) has many updated features including a floating roof design used in some other Ford vehicles. Its look and feel has been updated and is an extremely modern looking SUV vehicle.


4.0L Cologne OHV V6 4.0L Cologne SOHC V6 5.0L Windsor OHV V8 Explorer Sport 4.6L 24 Valve V8

Fuel Economy

As this vehicle has a minimum of a 4.0L V6 engine and a maximum 5.0L V8 then the fuel economy isn’t that great. It is going to consume a high amount of fuel, with the 5.0L V8 being particularly high.


There was both Automatic and Manual transmission available for this vehicle up until the third generation. There are many gearboxes available here at Breakeryard, so have a look for this vehicle now.


There are many different parts for this vehicle available through our comprehensive network of UK Breakers. Here is a link to some of the available parts for the Ford Explorer. However, to gain access to the full inventory you will need to complete our part finder form. Do you own a Ford Explorer? Have you ever experienced problems with parts on the Explorer? If so, why not check our Ford Explorer page here.