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Ford Fiesta Overview

The Ford Fiesta has been of the most popular models of car in not only the UK but worldwide. It is a sub-compact front wheel design which has changed its look and feel as it has progressed through the generations. It is still in production to this day and was first introduced in 1976.

Ford Fiesta History

The first generation Mark 1 (1976-83) was one of the first front wheel drive cars to be produced by Ford. It was also one of the first mini cars to be produced in the UK. The Ford Fiesta was one of the first vehicles to be available on the mobility scheme for the disabled in the UK. The XR2 was brought into being in this generation, a favourite with boy racers. The second generation Mark 2 (1983-89) changed its look at the front end and the interior was improved. The first diesel was introduced for the Fiesta model. The XR2 model was changed improving on the environmental side of things but losing a little power. The third generation Mark 3 (1989-97) was the longest lasting mark of this vehicle. This model changed the look of the Fiesta and brought in the five door version. It had the most different type of UK trims from Ghia to XR2i. The XR2i became very popular when it was launched in 1989. The fourth generation Mark 4 (1995-2002) was to become the UK’s best selling car for three consecutive years, 96-98. The design features of the previous version were carried over, but it was given a new suspension system. The Zetec model was introduced in this generation. The Fiesta was given a facelift in 99 to give it a more up to date look and is know as the Mark 5 in the UK. The fifth generation Mark 5 (2002-08) was to introduce ABS and passenger airbags as standard. This was the best selling of all the generations for the Fiesta. It is known as the Mark 6 in the UK. The sixth generation Mark 6 (2008- present) is the current model and has been updated giving it a very modern looking body and interior. It is known at the Mark 7 in the UK.

Current Models

Fiesta Studio Fiesta Style Fiesta Edge Fiesta Zetec Fiesta Titanium Fiesta Edge Econetic Fiesta Zetec-S Fiesta Zetec Econetic Fiesta Metal Fiesta Titanium Econetic

Fuel Economy

As the Fiesta has varied engine sizes, from 1.0L petrol to 2.0L diesel and turbo and injection models for their respected fuel type the economy varies. But bearing that in mind it is a small vehicle which adds to the economy of the vehicle. They are generally known for their good economy.


The Fiesta comes in Manual, Automatic and Power shift transmissions. There are many different Fiesta Gearboxes available through Breakeryard. Have a look at our Ford gearbox section today.


You will find many Fiesta parts available at Breakeryard through our vast network of UK Breakers. You can either enter your vehicle details in our part finder search facility or check out our Fiesta parts page. See more information on Ford Fiesta common problems.