Thursday 2nd August 2012
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Ford Scorpio Overview

The Ford Scorpio is an executive car designed by the American car manufacturer: Ford Motor Company. It was initially brought into production to replace the Ford Granada in Europe. The name of this vehicle stayed as a Granada in the UK until 1994. Originally this car came under a lot of criticism for the way it looked but was soon realised as a good reliable car to drive. It was designed as an alternative to the likes of the BMW, Audi and Mercedes in this class, but obviously didn’t come close to these giants of the executive class.

Ford Scorpio History

The Mk1 (1985-92) design was based on the Sierra and came in engine sizes varying from 1.8-2.9L. The vehicle was available in hatchback, saloon and estate versions. In 89 the engines had a bit of a changeover and the Cosworth version was to be released the following year. In the UK it kept its Granada name after the failing of the changeover from Cortina to Sierra. In 1992 the interior and exterior had a makeover to things such as the lights and dashboard. The Mk2 (1994-98) had some needed changes to the suspension system which greatly improved the handling of the vehicle. The interior and exterior was also altered, but the main change in the UK was the adoption of the Scorpio name and the Grenada name finally being made redundant. The exterior design was greatly criticised and was even named ‘the ugliest car on the road’ which didn’t do its sales any favours. It had a last makeover in 1998 before being discontinued altogether later that year.

Model Types

Ghia Ghia-X Ultima

Fuel Economy

The petrol engines are available in 1.8-2.9L and the diesel in 2.3 and 2.5L engines. These vehicles are not known for their economical status but the smaller sized engines and diesel engines proving to be the more economical of the available choices.


The gearboxes come in 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual. Breakeryard has Ford Scorpio gearbox parts available. Have a look at our Ford gearbox section today.


There are several Ford Scorpio parts available through our vast network of UK Breakers. Check out our Scorpio parts page or enter your vehicles in our part finder. Have you experienced problems with parts on the Ford Scorpio? Check our Scorpio problems page here where you will find the most common problems associated with the Ford Scorpio.