Thursday 16th August 2012
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Have you driven, or own a Honda Ballade? We are really passionate about your comments. Please include your experience with any parts required for this vehicle. All you need to do is enter your review in the comments box below, and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Honda Ballade Overview

The Honda Ballade is in the subcompact class and was produced by the Japanese car manufacturing company Honda. This car was first brought into production as a higher end version of the Honda Civic. It was supposed to be a bit classier than the Civic and a more upgraded model of the Civic, with better features etc. As you would expect from any Honda car, the engine is well built, they are reliable, and are pretty good economically. As it is the more luxurious version of the Civic, the interior was quite good and it was rather spacious inside.

Honda Ballade History

This car was in production from 1980 – 86 and had two different versions. After 1986 the only place it continued to be produced was South Africa. It still in production today but it is the name they use for what we would call the Honda Civic. The first generation (1980-83) was initially produced only for the Japanese market, but it was soon imported to the UK. The Ballade was a 4-door sedan which was a luxurious car for its time. The name ‘Ballade’ is derived from a French word meaning poetical music. The second generation (1984-86) was to produce the sportier version EXi which would eventually be the benchmark from which the Civic CRX would be designed from. There were only minor changes made to the second generation, such as the headlights and a bit of the front end. It ceased production in 1986.



Fuel Economy

There were1.3 and 1.5 engines available for this vehicle. It was a pretty good car economically and offered roughly 40mpg. The more economic of the two engine sizes was the 1.3.


For the first generation there was a 2-speed Hondamatic (automatic) gearbox available and the second generation offered a 3-speed automatic. The 5-speed manual was offered across both generations. There is a Honda gearbox section of our website to locate your gearbox parts.


There is a Ballade parts page at which offers these parts at a very competitive price. You can either visit this page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder. This begins a search through our comprehensive network of UK Breakers to locate the exact part you are looking for.