Friday 10th August 2012
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Honda CR-V Overview

The Honda CR-V is classed as a compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and was produced due to popular demand for a vehicle of this type. This vehicle is produced by the Japanese motor company Honda. This vehicle is produced in both front and four wheel drive. This is definitely more of an on-road design than an off roader. Bearing this in mind, it was designed with the intention of mostly being used on-road. This has become a very popular vehicle of its class. They are made well and drive well.

Honda CR-V History

The first generation (1995-2001) was first SUV Honda produced. It was first designed with only the 2.0 engine size available and an automatic transmission. It was introduced to the American market in 96 and the UK in 97. In 1999 it had a change of engine due to a lack of power in the previous engine.

The second generation (2002-06) was a total re-design, with a bigger and heavier vehicle which resulted in a newly designed chassis and suspension, which was based on the Honda Civic seventh generation platform. In 2005 it received a bit of a makeover with bigger wheels, changes to the lights and some interior changes.

The third generation (2007-11) changed the look of the CR-V, being more rounded and modernised. This version was lower, wider and generally smaller than its predecessor. This version received a high demand of requests and was very popular worldwide. It had a makeover in 2010 to the exterior, interior and some mechanical parts.

The fourth generation (2012 - present) is the current version in production and has had a bit of a re-style, changing the look of the vehicle. This is a classy looking SUV.


West One
ES Executive
SE Sport
SE Executive

Fuel Economy

There are 2.0, 2.2 and 2.4 litre engines available. The 2.2 is a diesel and the other two are petrol engines. As these vehicles are not designed for their economy, but are improving as technology advances they can be greedy on the fuel. The 2.2 diesel version is the most economical of the bunch.


The different versions have 5 and 6 speed manual and 4 and 5 speed automatic gearboxes available.


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