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Honda Prelude Overview

The Honda Prelude is a sports coupe produced by the Japanese motor company Honda. This car is derived from the Accord platform and is the sportier version of the Accord. This car was first produced in 1978 and ceased production in 2001. Honda wanted a sports car on the market but also wanted to keep with their core values of handling and drivability and kept these in mind when designing this car. Bearing all this in mind, it handles really well and is a good car to drive, very reliable.

Honda Prelude History

The first generation Prelude (1979-82) which used the first generation Accord platform, added a larger sized engine while slightly modifying aspects of the body design to create the new Honda sports coupe. This was the first car to use the ‘moonroof’ as a standard, which was to become closely associated with the Prelude. The second generation (1983-87) was the first of the Prelude generations which had pop-up headlights, and meant the front end could be more aerodynamically designed. As the previous versions engines were both below 2.0, this was the first to produce the 2.0 16V version. The third generation (1988-91) improved on the design slightly, giving it a new look, more aero-dynamics and more stability at high speeds. There were some engine changes on this version. In 1990 it had a bit of a makeover to parts of the interior and exterior. The fourth generation (1991-96) changed some now familiar aspects of the Prelude, such as: removing the pop up headlights, replacing the glass moonroof with a sunroof and altering the design of the car, making it rounder in shape. The fifth generation (1997-2001) was the final generation of the Prelude and returned to a squarer looking body shape to try and stop the declining sales that the fourth generation version saw. Sales continued to decline which resulted in the Prelude ceasing production.


Standard Motegi 2000 Sport 2000 Motegi Sport VTi VTi Motegi

Fuel Economy

The first generation had 1.6 and 1.8 engines, with the 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 being introduced at later times. In order to determine how economical the car will be there are three factors to take into consideration: fuel type, age and engine size. As these cars are more designed as a sport coupe they are not the greatest economically, but are improving as technology advances.


The gearboxes available are 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual. The first generation had a 2 and 3 speed automatic as well, without the 4-speed option.


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