Wednesday 22nd August 2012
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Kia Sedona Overview

The Kia Sedona is in the minivan/MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) class and is produced by the South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors. This vehicle is also known as many other names worldwide, such as the Kia Carnival, but the Sedona name is the most commonly used, and is the name used in the UK. This vehicle is a seven seater people carrier which is cheap to buy, run and maintain. It is comfortable and well equipped but it not very well built and lacks in safety. It scored low in the European safety tests.

Kia Sedona History

The first generation (1998-2006) Sedona was to become the best selling Kia vehicle of this time, and was highly competitive with its rivals of this class. The problem with this version was that it didn’t have many of the features that some its rivals had, such as: power sliding doors, rear view camera and sensors, amongst other features. This vehicle was not very good on fuel either and ranked lowly in the fuel economy standards. In 2001 some new engines were made available, improving on this economic downfall. The second generation (2006-12) had a total redesign of many parts of the vehicle, including: suspension, gearbox, engines and body work which resulted in the vehicle being a lot lighter, improving on fuel economy and performance. There were several new features added that were lacking in the first version: power sliding doors, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and many other features. There are many different trim levels available for this vehicle.



Fuel Economy

The different engines available across the range of this vehicle are: 2.5, 2.7, 3.5 and 3.8 in petrol and 2.2 and 2.9 in diesel. As far as minivans go this is pretty competitive when it comes to fuel economy. The early models had problems in this area but they seemed to have been ironed out for the latest versions. The 2.2 diesel is the most economical in the range. Remember to take these three things into consideration when determining fuel economy: age, fuel type and engine size.


There are 4, 5 and 6 speed automatic gearboxes and a 5-speed manual as options for this vehicle. The 4-speed automatic is only available in first generation and 6-speed automatic is only available in the second generation version. The Kia gearbox parts page has these gearbox parts available.


Kia Sedona parts can be found through Breakeryard. Check out the Sedona parts page to find these parts or search through our comprehensive network of UK breakers by entering your vehicle details in our parts finder.