Wednesday 22nd August 2012
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Lada Cossack Overview

The Lada Cossack is an off-road vehicle produced by the Russian automobile manufacturer AvtoVAZ under the trademark name of Lada. This company is usually known as Lada around the world. The Cossack is a British version of the better known Lada Niva, which is a very popular off-road vehicle in Russia and other countries where there is a big need to drive off road. This vehicle was to become a predecessor to the modern compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). This is a very good off-road vehicle with good suspension and is a tough, reliable vehicle.

Lada Cossack History

The Lada Niva came into production in 1977 and is still being produced to this day. This was the first Lada vehicle not to be based on a Fiat platform, and although it had some Fiat mechanics, it was mostly designed by Lada. In the 1980’s Lada UK made some changes to the standard Niva in order to be able to compete in the SUV market, with the addition of several features to try improving on the basic design of the standard Niva. This vehicle was called the Niva Cossack. It included such features as: roof rails, sunroof, alloy wheels to name but a few. In 1995 this version received a bit of a makeover with a new grille, body work accessories and a new engine. Lada UK stopped importing these vehicles in 1997, and it is believed that there are less than 100 of these vehicles currently in the UK.


1.6 Cossack 4WD 1.7 Cossack 4WD

Fuel Economy

The two available engines were the 1.6 and 1.7L petrol engines. These vehicles are pretty economical for their class. They are heavy duty off-road vehicles which will consume a lot of petrol, but are pretty competitive in this area. As they are mainly designed for off-road terrain, fuel consumption is not one of the main considerations. There is not a great deal of difference between the two available engines.


There are 4 and 5 speed manual gearboxes available for this vehicle. As this is an off-road vehicle then the need for manual gearboxes is a must. Have a look at the Lada gearbox parts section of our website to locate your gearbox parts.


Lada Cossack parts can be found here at Breakeryard. We have a section of our website dedicated to Cossack parts and our comprehensive network of UK Breakers has many of these parts available. You can also enter your vehicle details in our parts finder to locate these parts.