Wednesday 22nd August 2012
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Have you driven, or own a Lexus GS? We are really passionate about your experience, especially any parts you may have needed. Please write a review in the comments box below and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Lexus GS Overview

The Lexus GS is classed as a mid-sized executive car. It is produced by the Japanese luxury car manufacturer Lexus, which is a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation. This car is a rear wheel drive performance sedan which is very competitive in the mid-luxury class alongside such cars as the BMW 5-series. This car is extremely spacious and comfortable inside and is really well built. This fits in-between the IS and LS models of Lexus cars. Surprisingly enough this vehicle is only available in petrol engines.

Lexus GS History

The first generation S140 (1991-96) is a change in design from any previous models developed from this company. This car first appeared as the Toyota Aristo in 1991 but not as the Lexus GS until 1993. It is a very aerodynamic design which is larger and wider than any of its major competitors. This car also had a very stylish interior design. Sales of this model were not as high as initially expected. The second generation S160 (1997-2004) began its design in 1994, just after the S140 was released, and was put into production in 1997, the year it was available to the public. This had a new design, most notably the new styled headlights which are similar to that of other Lexus cars. In 2000 this car had a makeover, mainly affecting some of the exterior and interior parts, with slight alterations to the engines. The third generation S190 (2004-12) was based on the L-finesse design platform and was the first Lexus to use this. This was the first version to be marketed under the Lexus name in Japan, and cemented Lexus as the luxury version of Toyota. In 2007 this received a makeover, with new engines and gearboxes available, as well as alterations to the interior and exterior. The fourth generation L10 (2012 - ) is the current version in production. This is based on the new LF-Gh Lexus design platform, which is going to be used on future Lexus models. This version is stylish both inside and out.


Standard trim SE Luxury Premier Sport SE-L S F-Sport

Fuel Economy

The latest version is available in 2.5 and 3.5L petrol engines. Previous versions were available in: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.3 and 4.6 and again only available in petrol. As these are luxury cars and large sized petrol engines they are pretty heavy on fuel. The smaller sized engines are the better economic choice of the range.


The earlier versions were available in 4 and 5 speed automatic gearboxes and the later versions are 6 and 8 speed automatic gearboxes. There is a Lexus gearbox section of our website to locate your gearbox parts.


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