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Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin Overview

The Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin is a mini SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) designed by the Japanese motor company Mitsubishi. This vehicle derives from the larger Mitsubishi Shogun and depending on the market this vehicle is in, it is also known as: Pajero Pinin, Pajero iO or Montero iO. The Shogun Pinin version is for the UK market only. This is a great off-road vehicle but doesn’t perform very well on-road. These 4x4's look good but, are very expensive to repair, and parts can be quite costly. The three door version isn’t amazingly spacious inside.

Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin History

The Shogun Panin is part of the Shogun collection of SUV’s. This is the mini SUV version which was in production from 1998-2007. The Panin name comes from the Italian automobile design and manufacturing company Pininfarina who helped build this vehicle. This vehicle came into being during the second generation of Shoguns, and offered a three or five door scaled down version of its larger related Shogun. In 1999 the third generation Shogun was produced which changed the dimensions of the vehicle, effectively improving the on-road handling by lowering the vehicle and making it slightly wider. This version made the vehicle more luxurious with some added features and design improvements. This version of the Shogun ceased production in 2007.

Model Types

Standard trim GLX Attivo Vivo Vivo II GLS Classic Equippe Attivo II Mirage Warrior Elegance Animal

Fuel Economy

There are 1.8 and 2.0L engines available for this vehicle. The 1.8 is available in both petrol and diesel, where the 2.0 is only available in diesel. The diesel engines are the most economical of the range and offer reasonable economy for this type of vehicle. Bear in mind though that these vehicles are not built for economy but for power and performance.


There are 5 speed manual and 4 and 5 speed automatic gearboxes available for this vehicle. Have a look at the Mitsubishi gearbox section of our website to find your gearbox parts.


As Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin parts can be expensive to replace, we have a page dedicated to these parts at very competitive prices. Our Breakers have new, used and reconditioned parts available, so to begin your search, enter your vehicle details in our part finder.