The accelerator throttle cable links your car's accelerator pedal to the throttle. The accelerator pedal manages the throttle valve which controls the flow of air in your engine and in turn dictates the amount of fuel released into your engine.

The accelerator throttle cable is made from steel cable protected by a casing. When you press your foot down on the accelerator pedal it causes the accelerator cable to move which opens the throttle valve, allowing more air to run into the engine of your car, ultimately causing acceleration.

Being the cable that joins the accelerator pedal to the throttle, the accelerator throttle cable is subject to a great deal of action, resulting in wear and tear and damage. The accelerator throttle cable can eventually erode from sustained use and needs to be changed with a good quality replacement.

If your accelerator throttle cable is run down or faulty you will not be able to control your car's acceleration properly, so the accelerator throttle cable is crucial in ensuring your car's engine is getting the correct amount of air and fuel, allowing you to control the speed of your car.