The comfort control unit, along with the car's air conditioning unit controls the environment within the car.

The air conditioning and climate control systems in the car ensure your journey is comfortable, making sure the air quality and temperature in the car is maintained at a comfortable setting regardless of temperature conditions outside. Some of its functions, along with the aircon unit, are to defrost front and rear windows; manage the temperature in the car; control air flow and ventilation; manage humidity levels in the car; and manage the quality of air in the car by removing particles and dust. In fact, as well as controlling the climate in the car, the comfort control unit manages much of the car's electrics, such as the electric windows, interior lights and remote key fob.

The comfort control unit can be found in a box under the passenger floor panel, behind the glove box, under the steering wheel or even under the footwell on the driver's side.  The comfort control unit is like the master controller of the car's electrics.

If you experience problems with your car's electrics, such as interior light not working, the electric windows not working or the remote key fob not activating, then this may be a problem with the comfort control unit. Over time the wires in the comfort control unit can get corroded which will lead to electrical failures in your car.