The air hose is a simple yet crucial part of the car's air intake system. It allows air to pass into the air filter box which then filters the air before it reaches the car's engine.

The air hose is usually found in the plastic housing between the engine and the air filter. It is attached to the air flow sensor which is attached to the air filter box.

It is imperative that the engine is supplied with the correct amount of clean, filtered air. Air needs to be as clean as possible before it mixes with the fuel and burns in the cylinders of the engine. The air hose plays a part in this process by allowing the air to enter the car's air intake system, enabling it to be filtered, which improves the overall performance of the engine, enabling it to work as efficiently as possible.

The air hose is made of plastic and can wear down over time and can also crack and split, which allows dirt and other unwanted debris to enter the engine and potentially cause damage. It is common for an old air hose to distort, crack and leak and if you notice your car is lacking in performance and using more fuel, it could be a sign that the air hose is broken. You may be able to repair the air hose if there is a slight crack but if it is a big crack or the hose is really warped due to old age you will need to replace the air hose.