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Airbags in combination with safety belts have proven themselves to be most effective method for restraint systems. Whilst the driver airbag is integrated into the steering wheel, the passenger airbag is located in a panel on the dashboard which, when triggered, breaks along, seams intended for the purpose. Many cars have multiple airbags. They are designed to provide extra protection to the occupants in a crash, in addition to seat belts.

In a collision, a crash sensor pyrotechnically triggers the gas generator which fills the airbags with nitrogen in less than 50 milliseconds. So that the inflated airbag can absorb the upper body's impact and so that the body does not go back again, the envelope is fitted with a valve which permits the gas to escape in a controlled manner. By the time the body comes to rest in its seat after the crash, the airbag has been completely deflated. Airbags inflate rapidly( and then immediately deflate), cushioning the occupants and preventing or reducing contact with parts of the vehicle that are likely to cause injury, such as the steering wheel or dashboard. This means that they inflate with a considerable amount of force. A car occupant who is too close to an airbag and is hit by it as it inflates could be injured.

To avoid further damage from airbags, passengers(adult) should wear their seat belt properly, in front, and the rear of the car. The front passenger should sit upright and should be as far back from the dashboard as possible. Passengers should never put their feet on the dashboard or attach anything to the dashboard over or near the airbag. The driver also must wear their seatbelt properly. Place the driver's seat as far back as possible while ensuring that you can safely and comfortably operate all of the vehicles control's. There should be at least 10 inches from the centre of the steering wheel and your chest.However airbags differ from car to car, so ask the vehicle manufacturer for advice about the minimum distance between you and the airbag.If you need to replace this part, ensure that you buy the right airbag for your car's system.