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door rubber seals is the ideal part if the rubber seals on your car doors need replacing. A rubber seal is a strip of foam rubber with a sealed surface which is applied to the door, usually with a self-adhesive strip, to seal any gaps between the door and the frame.

Door rubber seals primarily function to seal the door to the frame of the car and to keep the elements, such as the rain and wind out. The door rubber seals also function to keep the internal air in, which assists with the efficiency of the car's heating and air conditioning systems. The door rubber seals also keep external sound out; good door seals can significantly reduce the ambient noise experienced by the occupants of a vehicle when travelling. 

door rubber seals work when the car door is closed by making an airtight compressed seal between the door and the door frame. 

Rubber will deteriorate with age and perish over time, suffering from environmental damage which causes it to split, shrink, crack and dry up. When this happens to door rubber seals, the seal will come away from the door frame and cease to function properly. Ineffective rubber door seals will let water and moisture seep into the car which can cause damage and water stains to interior upholstery, rusting of metal parts and damage to electrical systems if left unaddressed. Apart from the issue of water leaking into the car, faulty rubber door seals will let the air and noise in from outside which can make for a noisy, uncomfortable drive. When replacing the rubber door seals on your vehicle, choosing door rubber seals will ensure you get a part that is compatible with the make and model of your car.