Convertible cars have been popular for many years. The majority of convertible vehicles were originally soft tops because of the relative ease when taking the roof down and the comparative lack of space required to store it once lowered. However, there were certain inherent problems with the soft top especially noise when motoring at speed, security and wear and tear of the fabric.

All of these issues were resolved by the development of the hard top car. The hard top works through the mechanical lowering of the metal roof to the car, which retracts into the top section of the boot space. The hard top seals effectively when the roof is back in place limiting the noise caused when the car is in motion. As it is made from metal it has the same resilience to age as other metallic parts of the car. Finally, because it is made from a solid metal material it is far less susceptible to damage and less vulnerable to attempts to gain entry to the car.

Overall, the hard top car is a significant advance to convertible vehicle design and technology.