The petrol flap is a flap or covering which conceals the hole where you put the petrol into a vehicle. The petrol flap protects and covers the top of the pipe that connects to the petrol tank.

Usually made of plastic, aluminium or steel, petrol flaps are often mounted on a hinge or function with a spring mechanism. The petrol flap looks a bit like a miniature door and can be located on either side of the vehicle, towards the back, often on the quarter panel or rear wing. Usually lockable, sometimes linked up to the car's central locking system, the petrol flap gives peace of mind when leaving your vehicle parked unattended.

The petrol flap serves to prevent dirt, dust and other unwanted debris from entering the petrol pipe and potentially clogging up and damaging the filters. It also functions to stop petrol from spilling, leaking and evaporating out of the vehicle. The petrol flap also prevents others from accessing your petrol supply and siphoning the fuel.

Usual reasons for replacing this part is damage to the petrol flap or the opening mechanism. Purchasing a petrol flap will ensure the part fits perfectly with the make and model of your vehicle.