If you are unlucky enough to suffer serious damage to your car’s roof, which requires a replacement roof section, there are many individual components available from motor parts dealers. The precise roof section or sections required will depend on the location and the extent of the damage to the car’s roof. There are several different types of roof section. These include front corner gutter sections for the right and left hand side of the vehicle and a front roof section for damage caused to the front of the roof. Additional parts are rear corner gutter sections, rear corner roof sections and roof strengthening panels.

Where the vehicle has sustained damage to the side and rear of the roof, it is likely that the roof section required to remedy the damage will be a side gutter section, a side roof section, a side/rear roof section and/or a side/rear gutter section. If the vehicle has sustained damage to its roof window, a replacement window section can be accessed.

However widespread the damage to the car roof may be, by identifying the correct roof section replacement, which will be specific to the make and model of the vehicle, it can be restored to its previous condition.