With the ever increasing popularity of soft tops, cabriolets and convertibles the market for soft top roofs has grown in size and popularity. It may be that you already own a vehicle with a soft top roof that requires replacement due to damage or age or you may want to invest in a conversion kit to transform your hard top vehicle. Either way, there are a variety of vehicle specific soft top roof kits.

Most soft top roof replacement or conversions are made from mohair or vinyl. There is a wide range of colours to choose from to match the colour of most models of vehicle. There is a choice between a plastic rear window or a glass version. If a glass rear window is chosen it may be heated. Most glass windows incorporate a special window bonding system to protect the soft top roof from bond failure. The seams of the fabric of the soft top roof may also be heat welded or sealed.

Soft top roofs can either be raised and lowered manually or are powered by an electric or hydraulic motor.

Most soft top roof suppliers either supply the soft top only or will carry out the fitting/conversion.