The side skirts is a panel which can be fixed to a vehicle, creating a sill or edging running along the chassis from the front to the rear wheel well. 

  side skirts is fixed on the frame of the car running from the front wheel well to the rear wheel well.

Many car owners choose to install side skirts on their vehicle for aesthetic reasons; they can dramatically change the design of the car, giving it a lowered look, making the car appear closer to the road, which gives a sporty edge and stylish finish. As well as offering a customised look, side skirts also function to block and redirect the air flow, as the car is travelling, reducing the amount of air going underneath the car, which reduces drag and underbody lift and enables the car to travel faster while improving fuel efficiency and overall handling and stability of the vehicle. Side skirts can also help to stop mud and water from splashing up onto the bodywork of the car.

The sides skirts can be welded on or fixed with a strong sealer or other adhesive. Side skirts are usually manufactured in carbon fiber plastics, fibreglass or polyurethane polymers, but the materials used, as with the particular design, colour, finish and fittings will be dependent on the specific car make and model. Poor fitting parts, such as the side skirts on a vehicle, will affect the performance of the part and leave unsightly gaps and rough edges and you will lose that contoured continuity that you get with a part that is made to fit the make and model of vehicle. side skirts will ensure that the side skirts you install will be completely compatible with the make and model of you car, providing a sleek and contoured fit, instantly adding style and functionality.

Although constructed from materials which are strong, rigid and absorb impact well, the side skirts on a vehicle will eventually need replacing either due to general wear and tear, warping or cracking possibly over time, or because of damage suffered in a collision.