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If a car has a soft top roof it needs to be protected against leakage of water to its interior. The way in which a soft top roof operates is that the roof folds into itself, either through being manually folded or by  a mechanical process powered by an electric or hydraulic motor.

When the roof is lowered again there needs to be a mechanism that ensures that it is water tight. This task is fulfilled by the soft top catch. Also known as a soft top clip, the soft top catch secures the roof firmly in place. The pressure it applies in attaching the roof to the body of the car creates a water proof joint between the sets of rubber seals that are present on the car’s body and the soft top rails.

When the roof is to be raised, the soft top catch needs to be disengaged to allow the operation to go ahead. If a soft top catch is worn or broken it may not successfully achieve the task of keeping the roof water tight. To avoid water damage to the interior of the car and discomfort to its occupants, a defective soft top catch should therefore be replaced as soon as possible.