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The styling kit provides you with all the extras that will  create a stylish and elegant look and feel to your vehicle, enabling you to really make it your own, while making a head-turning yet discerning statement.

Car owners can customise their pride and joy with a range of car styling products. A styling kit can cover almost any part of the vehicle that can be aesthetically enhanced, combining functionality with comfort and design. The styling kit can range from a complete body kit, to a kit that covers specific areas of the vehicle such as the interior or exterior. Styling upgrades can include car seats, gear sticks, steering wheels, decorative interior and exterior trim and moulding, tax disc holders, bumper guards, door handles, spoilers, grilles, wheel caps and hubs, wheels and tyres, lighting, side steps, exhausts, upholstery, such as carpets etc. Often styling kits are chosen to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, with parts such as spoilers, bumper extensions and side panels proving popular with car owners wanting to create a sportier, dynamic look. The exact specifications of the styling kit will be dependent on the make and model of the vehicle. 

The styling kit provides styling modifications that will give a striking and smooth appearance to your ride and can enhance the overall driving experience with products that have been designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.

Car owners choose to buy a styling kit because it provides styling features specifically designed for the make and model of their vehicle, enabling the driver to personalise and modify their car with a range of items and detail that will accentuate and complement the overall design of the vehicle.  A styling kit gives many car owners the means to express their personality through their car, enabling them to define, individualise and highlight certain features of choice. Upgrading a car with styling additions can add value to the vehicle.