Most modern car sunroofs are made of glass. The glass tends to be tinted to reduce the impact of direct sunlight on the occupants of the vehicle. There are two principal types of sunroof glass, which depend on the make and model of the vehicle and the design of the sunroof itself.

The first type of sunroof glass tends to be found on cars with sliding, tilting or moveable glass panels. In this type of sunroof the sunroof glass used is normally hardened glass. Although able to withstand contact with a hard object, this sunroof glass, like the glass in a side window, will shatter and require replacing.

The second type of sunroof glass is found on some of the more modern vehicles with a panoramic sunroof. Because these sunroofs are more prone to damage because of the size of the glass panes, they are normally made from laminated glass. This means that when they are damaged they will not shatter and break into tiny fragments, protecting the occupants of the vehicle from potential injury.

Whichever type of sunroof glass is used in a car’s sunroof, if it is damaged it is important to ensure that it is replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the car and its contents.