The brake cable is the cable that connects the handbrake lever to the rear parking brake mechanism on the rear wheels.

Depending on the make and model and type of system, the operation of the handbrake may employ the disc brake or a separate drum brake system. Either way it is a set of inner and outer cables that run from the rear of the hand brake lever, which is commonly found between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat. The inner cable is of spun wire and the outer cable a reinforced plastic sleeve. The brake cables run under the car branching off to connect to the brake mechanism on backside of each rear wheel.

When the handbrake lever is pulled upwards, it pulls the inner cables and engages the rear brakes. Pulling the lever engages a ratchet lock which is released with a button on the end of the lever. The cable is adjustable at the lever end as the ends are threaded

In time the cable can become frayed and eventually snap. The cable can become stretched and become too long for adjustment  and it can also become seized up between the inner and outer cables. brake cables is the ideal replacement part for the make and model of your vehicle.