The brake light switch is part of the braking system and is attached to the vehicles’ brake lights. These lights are essential as they warn other road users of your intention to brake. If they are faulty, this could potentially cause a road traffic accident.

The brake light switch is operated by a plunger and contact switch on the brake pedal and sends a signal to the brake lights to operate them when the driver presses on the brakes.

If the brake light switch is faulty, the brake lights will not light. You may also have a warning light on your dashboard to indicate an issue with the brakes. Failure of a brake light switch can result in brake lights automatically lighting, regardless of whether the brakes are in use or not and regardless of whether the vehicle is turned on or not. In addition, you could experience problems in changing gears and starting the vehicle from a dead stop.

If you replace the brake light switch, you should also check the fuses to ensure that they have not blown. If they have they will also need to be replaced.