The brake pedal is a metal pedal located inside the vehicle on the driverside and is depressed by the driver’s foot to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. The brake pedal is attached to a rod which in turn is attached to the brake master cylinder. This cylinder creates the necessary pressure in the brakes to activate them. When the driver depresses the brake pedal it causes a brake pad to rub on the brake disk and create friction, slowing down the vehicle.

The brake pedal is quite sturdy and isn’t prone to failure, however the top plate of the pedal which is depressed by the driver can become worn and make it difficult to brake without the foot slipping. The brake pedal can also give you a good indication of any other brake issues in your vehicle. For example, if your brake pedal goes straight down to the floor or is loose it could indicate either a failed master cylinder or damage to the push rod. This metal rod is attached to the brake pedal and allows the pedal to be depressed. Damage to these components can cause brake failure.