A vehicle’s braking system consists of both hydraulic and mechanical brakes and is an essential part of the vehicle. The hydraulic braking system allows the driver to slow the vehicle whilst driving by using a brake pedal which is manually depressed by the driver’s foot. The hydraulic braking system can also be used to stop the vehicle in an emergency, for example, in the case of a potential collision, but in some instances the vehicle’s handbrake may be more useful. 

This handbrake is a mechanical brake located in the driverside of the vehicle. It is operated with a lever with a button on the end. This lever is attached to the rear brakes via a brake cable. This is tensioned so that when the driver presses the button and pulls up the lever, the vehicle comes to a stop. This allows the driver to park the vehicle safely, and also can be used when driving or parking on a hill to stop the vehicle from rolling away.

Damage to the braking system is a potentially catastrophic problem and should be repaired immediately for the safety of the driver and other road users.