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Part of the car's security system, the central locking fob enables a remote keyless central locking system which means by pressing a button on an electronic remote control.  The locks included in the set will then lock or unlock and this can also be set to activate or deactivate the alarm system on the vehicle. 

The locking and alarm systems on a vehicle are important safety and security features. Locking the doors is the first step in vehicle security, to which the car alarm is an added measure. There are a whole range of locks on a vehicle, such as wheel locks, door locks, airbag locks, ignition locks, locks for the dashboard, boot locks and fuel cap locks. These ensure the car and its contents remain secure. The most common, and perhaps the most critical in terms of overall vehicle security, are the locks for the doors, the boot and the ignition. The locks covered by the central locking fob are dependent on the car manufacturers’ specifications.  

Unlocking a vehicle centrally without the use of a key is a handy feature and common in modern cars. The central locking fob allows easy, quick and secure entry to the vehicle and peace of mind when leaving the vehicle parked unattended. A central locking fob can work from up to a distance of 20 metres. It works with a radio transmitter, which sends a signal via radio waves to a receiver box placed in the car. When the button on the central locking fob is pressed, the receiver in the car picks up the signal sent by the fob and this activates the locking or unlocking of the car doors, and either sets or deactivates the alarm if linked up to the central locking. Usually this action is accompanied by a specific sound, such as a beep or chirp and/or flashing head and tail lights, which confirms to the driver that the doors have been locked or unlocked. Some keyless vehicle entry systems will also close windows that are open and the sunroof, at the same time as remotely locking the car. Some systems will also include a remote keyless ignition which, when activated, will start the engine. A smart key system, available on some vehicles, allows hands-free entry without even having to press a button. A proximity sensor housed in the car picks up a signal when the keyless fob is within a certain distance of the vehicle, and either locks or unlocks the doors accordingly, while also activating or deactivating the alarm.  Central locking fobs are designed to be vehicle specific and the features, functions and particular operating instructions will vary from car to car. Buying a central locking fob will ensure you get the right part for the make and model of your vehicle, meaning it will fit securely and work properly which will essentially prolong the life of this part.  

Problems with the central locking fob could be down to a dead battery, which will need replacing and the remote will more than likely need to be reset. The buttons on the central locking fob can become worn and issues can occur with the contacts wearing out inside the fob, causing it to malfunction. When buying the central locking fob you'll get a replacement part that's right for your car, completely compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.