A clutch release arm is located next to the clutch release bearing and is attached by plastic or metal bushes. The clutch release arm has the important job of pushing the clutch release bearing against the diaphragm when the pedal is depressed. This clutch release bearing pushes on the pressure plate and disconnects the engine when you bring it to a stop which enables you to change gears.

Because of the location of the clutch release arm inspection is not possible whilst it’s in place. Repairs are only possible if the gearbox is removed.

Signs of a damaged clutch release arm are a clutch pedal that drops or feels very light when depressed. This symptom can also occur with other clutch damage so it’s important that you diagnose the correct fault before attempting any repairs. The most common cause of clutch release arm issues arise from damage to the clutch release arms’ attached bushes. These can wear and need lubrication to allow them to move smoothly. If the release system appears heavy it may indicate that the bushes attached to the clutch release arm need replacing.