The fuel filler neck pipe is a pipe that connects to the fuel tank which is used to fill the tank with fuel and this is covered by a fuel flap or cap.

The fuel filler neck pipe is usually manufactured from alumnium, steel or chrome plating, or rubber and either soldered or clamped to the fuel tank.

The fuel filler neck pipe has a filter in it to take out any imperfections in the fuel. Good maintenance of the fuel filter is essential as any imperfections such as paint chips or dirt will cause the running parts of an engine to wear more quickly. 

A severly rusted, cracked, warped or broken fuel filler neck pipe should be replaced as soon as possible as this will allow the fuel to escape. Leaking fuel is a safety risk and a cracked fuel filler neck pipe will allow dirt and other road debris to get into the fuel system which can cause damage to a whole host of vital components. The fuel filler neck pipe is designed to be compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.