The diesel fuel filter is one of the primary elements of the fuel system. The diesel fuel filter improves the performance of the diesel engine, enabling it to work as efficiently as possible while increasing the life of the engine. 

The fuel filter ensures that the diesel being pumped into the engine is as clean as possible by filtering out unwanted particles of dust and dirt. Fuel needs to be as clean as possible before it mixes with the air and burns in the cylinders of the car's engine.  When the diesel travels from the fuel tank to the fuel pump/fuel injectors it passes through the fuel filter first. The fuel filter is usually contained in the fuel filter housing, normally connecting to the car's fuel pump and fuel hose, allowing the diesel fuel filter to catch particles and filter the fuel before it reaches the engine. Dirty fuel can clog up the fuel injectors, leaving harmful deposits in the cylinders, and in severe cases prevent the process of combustion. 

The diesel fuel filter housing protects the fuel filter. The fuel filter protects the engine and many vital components by filtering the diesel coming into the engine, collecting dust and other particles before they can get into the engine and cause damage. 

If the diesel fuel filter is damaged it is likely this will allow debris to enter the fuel system, potentially causing damage to vital engine and fuel system components. The fuel filter should be replaced regularly to ensure it isn't cogged up with a build-up of dirt that stops it from working properly. Specifically designed for the make and model of your vehicle, the diesel fuel filter is the perfect replacement part.