Find Replacement Fuel Hose Parts

The engine is the power machine of a car, literally converting energy, in the form of fuel, into movement, and is known as an internal combustion engine. The engine is made up of several components that all work together to enable combustion to occur and in turn the car to move. The fuel hose functions to carry fuel from the fuel tank into the cylinders of the engine.

The fuel system in a vehicle operates to store and distribute fuel to the internal combustion engine in order for it to run. A major component of the fuel system is the fuel tank which is used to store the fuel. The fuel system also has a fuel pump attached either to the fuel tank in newer models, or to the engine in older vehicles. This pump is operated either by the car electrics or by the engine depending on where it’s located.

The fuel pump is attached to the fuel hose, an important component, which draws fuel out of the fuel tank. The fuel hose has a filter in it to take out any imperfections in the fuel. Good maintenance of the fuel filter is essential as any imperfections such as paint chips or dirt will cause the running parts of an engine to wear more quickly. 

Problems with the fuel system can cause major problems with the engine. If the fuel hose is damaged in any way this can lead to a leak causing fuel to escape. A faulty fuel hose will lead to problems starting the engine and can have safety implications if left ignored. When replacing this part, the fuel hose provides a part compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.