The gear linkage rod is a metal or plastic rod which is an essential part of a vehicle’s gear box and is needed to change gears in the vehicle. When a gear is changed in the vehicle a series of events occur in the gear linkage system. Firstly, the driver moves the gear stick, which is attached to the gear linkage rod. This rod runs from the gear stick to the brake pedal arm and has a lever near the end. A cable runs through the gear linkage and is attached to the gear linkage rod and pushed or pulled by it. The same process occurs in the transmission linkage. The gear is then changed.

An older gear linkage rod can show signs of wear. Replacing the gear linkage rod can make gear changes smoother. Failure of the gear linkage rod will result in the inability to change gears. Failure of part of the gear linkage system is most likely to impact on changing to 1st and 2nd gear and in to reverse. A damaged or worn gear linkage rod will need to be changed immediately.