The heater hose is a rubber hose which is positioned in the vehicle’s heating system. heater hoses can be attached to various places such as the radiator, heater or intercooler.

If a heater hose is damaged in a vehicle it can damage the engine. This is because heaters hoses carry coolant from the engine to the heater core. In transporting the coolant, excess heat is taken away from the engine and stops it from overheating.

Because of their positioning, the heater hoses are also used as part of a vehicle’s heating system. The excess heat that is sent from the engine is used to heat the interior of the vehicle. This heating system is operated by the vehicle’s driver using a series of control switches on the dashboard.

Because heater hoses are made from rubber and are subjected to a high amount of heat, they are prone to cracking and deterioration. This can mean that they can split, which will leak coolant on to the engine and potentially damage the engine or the radiator of the vehicle. This may cause smoke rising from the hot engine or radiator.