The hazard warning lamp switch is located in the vehicle on the driverside, most commonly placed on the dashboard. This switch has the image of a warning triangle on it so the driver can find it quickly in an emergency.

When the hazard warning lamp switch is used it transfers the power from the 12volt battery to the hazard warning lamps on the side of the vehicle.

If you break down on the road these yellow indicator lights flash to warn other vehicles that you are stationary and causing an obstruction to other road users. If you break down on the motorway and can get to the hard shoulder, you should do so but then put on your hazard lights so other traffic can easily see your vehicle. You can also use hazard warning lights when driving on a motorway or dual carriageway to warn other traffic of road hazards.

Failure of the hazard warning lamp switch can mean that you are unable to use your vehicle’s warning lamps. As shown above, the hazard lamps are very important components on your vehicle so the warning lamp switch should be replaced as soon as possible.