The headlamp motor is an electronic device which is an essential part of your vehicle’s lighting system. It works in conjunction with the headlight levelling sensor to position the car headlights in the optimum position for driving, whilst ensuring that oncoming traffic is not affected by the strong beam of the vehicle headlights.

The headlamp motor is controlled by a cam-operated switch which is dedicated to each headlight and an in-vehicle switch that is situated on the dashboard. The headlamp motor consists of a series of relays and motors and works by receiving a current from the 12-volt ignition which generates enough power to position the headlights where they need to be as dictated by the headlight levelling sensor.

Damage to the headlamp motor can be indicated by the headlights not moving up and down or side-to-side when the headlights are used. Damage can be caused by electrical faults, corrosion or jammed gears in the motor. 

Because of the positioning of the motor it is possible that dirt and water can get in to the motor which can cause many issues with the motor. It is recommended that issues with the headlight motor are fixed urgently.