The headlight panel is part of a structural frame which is made of sheet metal and is positioned at the front of the vehicle and attached behind your front bumper of the vehicle using metal rivets and bolts. The headlight panel is then covered with a body coloured cover made of fibreglass or plastic to match the rest of the bodywork.

The headlight is mounted to the headlight panel and the panel supports the weight of the headlight. On some vehicles the headlight panel is one large framework piece and on others the headlight panel consists of two parts, the driverside and the passenger side.

Because it’s covered by the front bumper the headlight panel is well protected from the elements, but corrosion can occasionally occur. Damage is much more likely to be caused by a collision with another vehicle, which can bend or break the headlight panel. Depending on the impact of the collision this can misalign the headlights or bumper and so replacement of the headlight panel will be required after any serious front collision.