The headlight stalk is attached to the steering column. This stalk has a lever on it that is used by the driver to operate the headlights of the vehicle and is wired in to the power supply unit of the vehicle using a multi-connector plug. The headlights are powered by a 12-volt electrical system known as a closed circuit loop system. This means that electricity is not flowing to the headlights when they are switched off. When the driver uses the lever on the headlight stalk the current is passed from the power supply to the headlights, opening the circuit loop and turning on the headlights.

It’s rare that a headlight stalk will become damaged through wear and tear, but headlight stalks could have issues with damaged wires which may cause electrical faults, burn outs and reliability issues. Another issue with headlight stalks could be indicated by a loose stalk which can result in headlights going out when driving on bumpy road surfaces. Tight headlight stalks can also cause issues as driver’s can have difficulty turning the headlights on. All faulty stalks should be replaced immediately and damaged wiring replaced.