A lamp guard is mainly used on 4 x 4 vehicles to protect the light from debris and stones, particularly when driving off-road, and forms a protective cage to cover the rear light. Lamp guards are usually made of metal or strong plastic and are produced in different sizes for different vehicles, sometimes in two hinged sections in order to gain access to the lamp and the bulb if necessary.

As well as having a protective function, the lamp guard is often used for cosmetic reasons, which has increased its popularity in the market. However, it’s worth considering that using a lamp guard makes it more difficult to clean your rear light effectively.

Damage to a lamp guard can be caused by impact from another vehicle or from your vehicle hitting another object, which could bend or break the lamp guard. If this occurs, then the lamp guard should be replaced. Other issues may arise from corrosion of metal guards which may need lubricating if it affects the hinges, or replacing for cosmetic reasons.