The side light, as the name suggests, is located on the side of the vehicle and is paired with another front side light on the opposite side. The function of these two lights is to alert other drivers in times of poor visibility or in darkness, of the size of your vehicle so that they can judge the safety of overtaking the vehicle and also if they have enough space to travel alongside you on the dual carriageway or motorway. The side light is also useful if a headlight fails, as it illuminates the side of the vehicle so other drivers know you are not a motorcycle.

These lights, are therefore very important, and it’s a legal requirement to operate these lights when visibility is poor or when you are travelling in the dark. Faulty bulbs should therefore be replaced immediately.

The side light is only 5 watts, which is a lot dimmer than headlights, which means that it uses less fuel than the headlights. This is handy when parking somewhere temporarily, but you want to remain visible to other motorists and hazard lights are not appropriate.