The side repeater, as the name suggests, is located on the side of the vehicle and is paired with another front side repeater on the opposite side of the vehicle. These amber-coloured lights work alongside the front and rear indicators by flashing repeatedly in time with each other to alert drivers to any turns your vehicle is going to make. Combined together, the front, rear and side indicators alert traffic from all directions of your intention to turn.

The side repeater is a legal requirement for all vehicles, and failure to have a working side repeater with a light visible from the distance of 1000mm is an MOT failure. It’s therefore essential to check the side repeater regularly and replace any faulty bulbs. If a problem with the side repeater still remains after it’s bulb has been replaced, the issue could lie with the wiring of the side repeater to the power supply and this should be inspected by someone who is knowledgeable with vehicle electrics and the problem rectified as soon as possible.