The twin headlamp kits, as the name suggests consists of two headlamps that are connected together are positioned on the front of the vehicle. These headlamps are used as the main lighting on the vehicle and it is important that they are well maintained as working headlamps alert other drivers on the road to the size and position of your vehicle in poor light or poor visibility conditions.

Twin headlamps are seen on classic cars, where they take on a rounded appearance with two circular lights joined together. They are also becoming more common on modern cars with two headlamps mounted in to a variety of different shaped frames depending on the vehicle.

If you have a problem with your twin headlamp kits, you may notice that the bulb is not lit. This could be down to a faulty bulb, and this should be checked first. If the issue is still present, then the twin headlamp kits should be checked themselves make sure there isn’t damage to the wiring. As with all electrical components, it’s important to get this checked by someone who is competent in vehicular electrics to ensure the vehicle is safe.