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A cars radiator is a central part of the engines cooling system. Responsible for removal of heat from the engine coolant, the radiator system cools the liquid by allowing fresh external air to pass over a network of thin pipes, losing heat to the atmosphere.

An  electric radiator motor an essential part of this system. It is located between the radiator and the bonnet grille, where it powers a fan to draw fresh air across the radiators cores helping to cool the coolant.

An electric fan motor is controlled by a radiator temperature switch and motor relay to activate the fan when the coolant exceeds a specified temperature.

Issues with a radiator fan motor include worn motor bushes, electrical issues such as wiring, fuses, temperature switch, relay or damaged fan blades due to exposure to extreme temperatures.

When working on a radiator fan motor care should be taken to ensure it does not automatically activate as the unit may start even when the engine and ignition are off.