The heated seat switch is the button that the driver or passenger presses to turn on the heated seat mechanism. The heated seat switch is likely to be positioned either on the front dashboard or on the centre console. The switch will have a graphic of a seat with one or two lights that come on when the heating coil beneath the seat covers is activated, causing the seats to heat up. The lights will show whether a low heat (one) or a high heat (two) is required. Pressing the switch again when it is lit up will deactivate the heating coil and the seats will no longer be heated. The heating coil beneath the seat cover is fitted with a thermostat that will eliminate the risk of fire or other damage due to overheating.


If the lights on the heated seat switch do not come on when pressed this may be due to the heated seat relay (microprocessor) having failed. Alternatively, the heated seat fuse may have blown or there may be a poor connection with the heated seat wiring or a poor earth connection to the chassis of the vehicle.